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Quadriga ,Ireland's premier amiga demo group ruled the Irish scene in the early 90's. Damn, it's been 20 years! Email rootuid AT gmail.com.

Hazard coder
Slaine gfx
DaD megaTrader
Stinger coder
Mc Jazz music
Mad Al gfx
Higgy megaTrader
Cyborg megaTrader

The results from the Eclipse'92 party
31.08.1992 in the Royal Dublin hotel demo competition in Dublin Ireland
are as follows;
1: Quadriga
2: Mdma

Quadriga pouet group page.

The results from the SUBMISSION party
on the 28th of March 1993 demo competition in the Royal Dublin hotel 12:00-9:30pm in Dublin, Ireland
are as follows;
1: ANALOG - Important Note
2: EXODUS (Graveyard Shift)
3: NERVE AXIS (Party Intro)
4: QUADRIGA (Party Intro)

Revolution demo March 1992 Our first demo.Pouet listing.
Acoustic Silence MusicDisk Amiga 20.02.1993 Note some of the tunes are corrupt :(. Pouet.net listing.
V.o.i.d. 1 March 1993.Pouet link.
Comic slideshow. 1992

Pouet link.

Submission Party Intro 1993


lost ! Got a copy ?

Grapevine 12 article 05/10/92 MadIrishmen
Grapevine 13 article 11/92 The Quadriga story part 2
Chessboard intro 1992-08-08

Pouet link.



  M A D   I R I S H M E N ! Q U A D R I G A   W H O ?
  By Dad of Quadringa
  article in Grapevine #12 by LSD (05/10/92) ++

  Who the hell are Quadriga?  Fair enough.  We formed in November 1991 as a bunch of guys with basically, nothing else to do.  DAD, was the
  first to propose the idea of a united group and the other members agreed. At the start, Quadriga was:

      DAD            Hazard
      Slaine         Fulcrum
      Hunter         The Wraith
      The Wanderer   Bart

  After discovering that Hazard was a COOL coder (Rare in Ireland), we started on our first production,a mini-demo, called "Revolution".
  After waiting for 5 Months for the music, to be done by Fulcrum - Music which never came! - We released it using the module of another local talent, The Professional.
  The final production was released in March,and then the trouble began!

  Somewhere around mid-July '92 the following were relieved of their Quadriga membership: Bart,Fulcrum, Hunter, The Wraith and The Wanderer.
  In our intro released at this time we claimed that it was due to "Inactivity", we still stand by this reason and this decision.  Slaine
  and DAD discussed this decision for a while, putting forth pros and cons and we came up the this solution - Expulsion.

  W A N K E R Z - G A T E

  When Quadriga was formed most of us didn't really know each other.  It wasformed from a core of Amiga users in the Cork City zone, in the South of
  Ireland.  Everything was fine and dandy at the start but then crevices started to develop.  We decided to produce a Discmag (who hasn't?) so as
  our main coder was busy Hunter said that he would code it.  Fine we said,it may be in Amos but its the best we can get for the moment.  So Tom
  programmed a rough code and Slaine and myself (Dad) did about 40 articles for it.
  Slaine produced a cool motherfucking iff selection screen (he is after all our main GFX'er)
  but Tom decided that he could do a better one so he took Slaine's out and put in his.

  Not happy with removing that they then went on to remove all the articles (we had typed many hours for!) and put ina few of their own.
  Now tell me this: What do we have Slaine as the main GFX MAN for, if a non-gfx member decides to take it out and put in something else?
  Well?  The Motherfucking mag still hasn't been released and has now been cancelled.  It was ready in January but this dispute has caused
  it to never see the light of day, another opportunity wasted!

  This bunch (now called the Wankerz!) released a digitised slide-show under the name Quadriga.  Now let's put it this way, there are around 10 QDG
  members, all just a phone call away, but yet this show was released and spread without any other members (besides those whom are now expelled)
  before-hand seeing it.

  What the fuck is QDG called a group for if the majority of members never even get to see a release before it is spread, to discuss it?  In all
  fairness, what is the point being a member when you do nothing but leech? (Two of these guyz didn't even have Amiga's and another one was found to
  be making money out of some of our other memberz).  Not even some decent trading/spreading?

  Everyone else in the group did something!  If I become lame or start to leech, I will immediately resign from the group.  What is my job in
  group you ask, I hear you ask in a doubtful voice?  Well let me relieve ya of your doubts... (ever heard of a "Doubting Tom"?).
  I don't code or GFX so what the fuck do I Do?  Well I have 70 + contacts.

  My task is to spread the news about Quadriga.  Don't say anybody can do that anybody can but do they have the determination and money?
  Note: My membership is also removable, the only difference is that I did something for the motherfuckin group!
  (The name Quadriga is copyright and only usable as a suffix by members of that group. It is not "Shareware"
  (ie. people who were ex-members have no right to use it!).  If I ever get kicked out (inconceivable!) I will take it like a man,
  its for the further prosperity of the group and anyone who is just taking up space is a hindrance!

  T H E S E   D A Y S

  Since those memberz were expelled, we have become much more productive than ever, proving our point!  Those 5 guyz
  held us back and despite what they say, they are not still members and they did not leave voluntarily.  The truth is that they were kicked out!

  Quadriga are now, what we intended itto be-a friendly and productive gang of people,doing it just as a hobby, not a full time job.  We are not just
  members-we're friends! (Aaaaaaw!) Still, though, we have no BBS!  At the moment, that's what we really need!
  So if you're willing to set up a Quadriga BBS, (one in Ireland would be nice!), get in touch with one of us!

  Q U A D R I G A   M E M B E R Z

          Hazard - Coder
         Stinger - Coder/Swapper
           Slaine - GFX/Swapper
           Mad Al - GFX/Swapper
           Cancer - GFX/Swapper
         MC Jazz - Music/Swapper
             Higgy - Swapper
        DAD 1916 - Swapper/Leader
             Cyborg - Swapper

  We could do with some new productive and friendly members; (Especially inIreland and the U.K!)

  W R I T E   T O

  DAD 1916/Quadriga..Ireland
  (Also for elite trading!)

  -= Or =-

  Slaine/Quadriga Ireland
  (Also 4 elite trading 2!)

  Big shots out to all the proper Quadriga members, especially all the non-Cork guyz who had to put up with a trackload of shit and were kept
  pretty much in the dark.  Keep up the good work!

  Always remember - The Amiga, at the end of the day,is just a machine!  It should not rule your life!
  Keep an eye out for the new music-disk A C O U S T I C   S I L E N C E coming soon to a monitor near you!